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About the Game

Have just a taste of it and you'll enjoy it!

Zombie Harvest is a unique arcade, involving some features of a tower defense strategy. The gamers will have to wind up their brain, to manifest their reaction to the changing battlefield and to repulse adversary attacks cracking down a fire vortex on the enemies, peppering them with bullets and tearing them down using your super abilities.
The app is full of humour and has some modern celebrities off. Graphics in a manner of comics accentuate the air of fun and frenzy.
The gamer will encounter annoying birds, pigs, zombies, and pop celebrities. The aim of the game is to get through the mission keeping safe as many seed bags as possible.

Key features:
120 original missions will let you come across a dozen enemies and 5 super bosses
4 mission types - stop the invasion; survive the fog; save a captive; and protect an ally + bonus missions with a totally different gameplay
7 main heroes, every one of them having his own unique fighting style, as well as 4 additional characters requesting bonus reinforcements that can include coins or super skills (poison or slowdown)
Characters levelling enhances the fighting qualities of the squad. You can also use game currency to purchase disastrous super strengths
Elementary controls - the gamer simply chooses the attacking unit and then taps the enemy to shoot